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Balinese New Year


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March 22, 2023 marks the first day of the Balinese New Year called Nyepi Day. According to the Hindu belief, Nyepi is a day of complete silence without any noise, traffic, fire, internet and lights. It is a day of complete stillness in the physical and spiritual worlds. Guests are not permitted to leave the premises of the hotel on March 22, 2023.

On the eve of Nyepi, March 21, 2023, celebration are held with creating a fantastic monster or evil spirits or The Butha Kala made of bamboo, called Ogoh-Ogoh, which will be paraded on the road accompanied by gamelan music. These are then torched and, it is believed, that with the conflagration, any evil spirits that have brought disease and misery to the island during the past year will have also been banished.

This year, will be the very first time for The Samaya Seminyak to make Ogoh Ogoh and have it paraded around the resort accompanied by gamelan music on the eve of Nyepi. We’re pleased to invite all of our guests to join the Ogoh-Ogoh parade, within below details:

                Date     : 21 March 2023

                Time     : 5.00 PM – 6.00 PM

                Place    : Start at the front lobby

As we are a boutique villa, the government permits us to service our guest but with activities that are limited with reduced lighting and minimal noise on our premises. During Nyepi Day, March 22, 2023, guests are eligible to join our Yoga Class for free, which will be held in the morning and during sunset hour. Another one, a must-do activity at The Samaya Seminyak during Nyepi Day is “Arakxiologist” which will be starting around 4.00 PM – 5.00 PM. This activity allows the guests to taste & learn about how to make a cocktail with Balinese liquor.

In order to respect the tradition, we kindly ask you to switch off all outdoor lights for the whole night of March 22, 2023, keep the window blinds closed and you not be permitted to go out from hotel premises during the Nyepi Day on March 22, 2023. Please be noted that most of TV channel will be not on service starting March 22, 2023 at 00.01 and will be back to normal broadcast after 10.00 am on March 23, 2023. However we had provide you with selection of video starting at 6am – 6 am the next day.
We hope this peaceful Nyepi Day will bring you an unforgettable experience on the Magical Island of Bali and in our resort.

Yours sincerely,

The Samaya Seminyak, Bali




Melasti is meant to clean the pratima or arca or pralingga (statue), with symbols that help to concentrate the mind in order to become closer to God. The ceremony is aimed to clean all nature and its content, and also to take the “Amerta” (the source for eternal life) from the ocean or other water sources. Three days before Nyepi, all the effigies of the Gods from all village temples are taken to the beach. There, they are bathed by the Neptune of Balinese Lord, The God Baruna , before being taken back home to their shrines.



Exactly one day before Nyepi, all villages in Bali hold a large exorcism ceremony at the main village cross road, the meeting place of demons. They usually make Ogoh Ogoh (the fantastic monster or evil spirits or The Butha Kala made of bamboo) for carnival purposes. The carnivals themselves are held all over Bali following sunset.



This is a day of absolute silence observed throughout the island and a day of introspection for Hindus.

We still provide our service as usual with limited activities, reduced lighting and minimal noise on our premises. In order to respect the tradition, we would switch off all outdoor lights for the whole night of March 22, 2023, keep the window blind closed, noise to be at lower level and request your kind understanding for not going out from hotel premises. During Nyepi day most of the television channel will be not on service starting March 22, 2023 at 00.01 and will back to normal broadcast on March 23, 2023 after 10.00am.



One day after the Nyepi day, the people awake from stillness to begin a new day. The government officials have their holiday and thus a time for forgiving each other. A new page of each life is really seen from a religious point of view and has been made by each individual.


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Once again the HolidayCheck turned the spotlight on some of the world’s most sought after hotels, lodges, resorts & private villas s as they scooped the world’s most prestigious honors for luxury accommodation 2019.

We are honored to announce that the Samaya Seminyak has recommended on HolidayCheck 2019.

A property for which words can rarely describe its splendor. This opulent villa is well deserving of this accolade and represents everything that the HolidayCheck stands for. Congratulations to the General Manager, Helmy Shaukany and his entire Team for this wonderful achievement.





Hailing from Bali's trendiest area, Seminyak, The Samaya Seminyak - Bali offers a classic culinary experience at its signature restaurant, Breeze. Located on the shores of Seminyak Beach, one of Bali's favorite sunset spots, Breeze offers a selection of Indonesian classics and Balinese inspired cuisine, along with a range of continental and western favorites featuring locally sourced ingredients as well as imported products.

"Breeze offers a semi fine-dining setting with direct access to the beach," said Helmy Shaukany, General Manager of The Samaya Seminyak, "Guests can enjoy a leisurely breakfast while enjoying the warm morning sun, indulge in a lavish afternoon tea or a refreshing cocktail or two while enjoying the sunset views from the deck."

At night, Breeze becomes a romantic dining venue, and couples can take advantage of the selection of set menus or entertain themselves with a candle-light dinner surrounded by tropical flowers.

"Our romantic dinner is our bestselling package as we offer several different locations - on the beachfront deck and the island in the middle of our main swimming pool," explained Helmy, "We've also received a lot of request for a proposal dinner - it's the romantic setting that sets the right mood for this."

The Breeze's chic open bar, virtually on the beach, is an extremely eye-catching feature, as is the outside seating arrangement with comfortable chairs and sofas. In total, Breeze can accommodate up to 100 guests dining al fresco on the lovely decking, which is surrounded by an elegant water feature.




Paradise on Earth Is Real when the Place Is Right                          

Having seen many magnificent vacation spots around the world, experts of Luxury Lifestyle Awards came to a conclusion that this place is The Samaya Seminyak Bali, this year’s winner in the category of Luxury Hotels in Indonesia.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a global award selecting, recognizing, celebrating and promoting the best luxury goods and services all over the world. Leading on the market for over 10 years, LLA evaluated more than 100 000 various goods and services in 40 categories from 60 countries. The victory brings companies status and recognition, global promotion and exposure to an entirely new market of customers. That is why such industry giants as Chanel, Dom Perignon, Tiffany&Co., Ferrari, Rolls-Royce and Hilton proudly carry the LLA winner status.

At The Samaya Seminyak guests can enjoy an unparalleled level of service, privacy and a unique delivery of Balinese hospitality. The hotel offers an unbeatable beachfront location, merely steps away from Bali’s famous lifestyle district. Luxurious and comfortable accommodation can be chosen from a wide range of different villa categories, located either on the beach side or across the road in a Royal Courtyard setting. 

Each villa features a full-size private lap pool, modern, fashionable and chic interior. Just think of the magnificent time you could spend here! Steps away from the famous Seminyak – Petitenget Beach, the resort offers a luxurious beachfront escape with traditional Balinese hospitality and modern comfort.

In order to make your stay more versatile, The Samaya Seminyak offers cooking and yoga classes. You can also enjoy a number of activities outside the hotel: see cultural and natural treasures like the Sacred Monkey Forest, the Tegalalang rice paddies, the Bali Coffe Luwak plantation, Mount Agung (all this can be arranged by the hotel’s dedicated butler team into day’s excursions), go shopping, surfing or visit a water park.

The hotel’s butler can also help you plan a perfect romantic getaway by organizing a stroll down one of the area’s most picturesque beaches. This will be the vacation you will never forget. Experience the best of Bali with The Samaya Bali Seminyak!